Enrollment and Registration will open on July 12, 2022, you may follow the steps in order to enroll. Campuses will be open to help with new student early registration, see campus assistance tab for more info.

There is additional information down below the Parent Portal instructions related to required documents, locating if you live within the district, as well as related to Early Childhood, Elementary, and High School eligibility.

**Returning students registration will not follow the link to enroll a new student. You will instead see a link and message with information about registering your student inside the parent portal. Please see the tips below


  • The email address used to setup the Parent Portal account MUST MATCH what is in our Student Information System. If it does not match or we do not have one on record for you, you will not see the link inside the Parent Portal to register your student.
  • Please email Linda Hatcher at lah@roscoe.esc14.net or Feliciana Campa at fcampa@roscoe.esc14.net with your gmail account.
  • After you create a Parent Portal account you must verify your email address in the Parent Portal otherwise you will not be able to perform all necessary actions. 


  1. From Parent Portal Login Parent Portal Ascender
    click Create Account.
  2. Create user name and password.
  3. Enter email address and mobile number. If you do not have an email address see below information under create a free email account to get started.
  4. Set up a security question.
  5. Log on.
  6. Verify email address.


New Student/Sibling

  1. From Parent Portal Login page Parent Portal Ascender, From the My Account page, click Enroll a New Student.
  2. Complete New Student Enrollment.
    1. Enter full name.
    2. Obtain and enter Enrollment Key.
    3. Enter address and contact information.
    4. Enter student information.
    5. Upload required documents.
    6. Complete enrollment forms.
  3. If necessary, click Save and Continue Later.
  4. Once complete, click Enroll Student to submit to district.
  5. Print the confirmation for your records.


  1. Obtain a ParentPortal ID from the student's campus.
  2. From the My Account page, click Link an Enrolled Student.
  3. Enter the student's birth date and ParentPortal ID.
  4. Click Add.


Returning Student
Complete Registration for the upcoming school year.

  1. Go to Parent Portal Ascender, and login, then from the Summary page, click Registration.
  2. Click Start Registration.
  3. Complete all forms. There are several types of forms:
    • View only: Click Next Form to confirm that you viewed the form.
    • Download: Click Download Attached Document.
    • Review and update: Add or change data as needed.
    • Contacts: Click Add User to add a new contact.
  4. Click Next Form until you have reviewed and updated all forms.
  5. Once finished, click Finish and Submit to District.
  6. Print the confirmation for your records.


Outside the Registration Window:

Complete student data updates for the current school year if needed.

  1. From the My Account page, click Maintain Student Data.
  2. In the left-side navigation bar, click Existing Year Student Maintenance to expand and view the forms that can be updated.
  3. Click the form name, and the form opens on the right.
  4. Type over existing text with new information.
  5. For each form you update, click Submit Data with Electronic Signature.
  6. Click Next Form to continue to the next form.


Create Free Email Account 

To begin the enrollment process, parents and/or legal guardians of new students will need an active email address to access. This email account will also be used for important communication with your child's school. If you do not have an email account we have provided the following options:

Click here to create a free Google Mail account.

Required Documents
You must bring the following items to a campus to enroll:

  • Proof of Residency - Must be a current Gas, Water or Electric Bill, or Builder's Contract if construction is completed in less than 120 days from date of enrollment. There are no exceptions.
  • Shot Records - A student who has never attended school before or is transferring from out of state cannot be enrolled until an immunization record is provided.
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License
  • Previous School Records (If applicable and available)