Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH). An innovative solution to education merging high school, college, and the job community to our 18-20 year old students. P-TECH allows us to ensure students are educated at all levels and trained in the jobs they will soon be responsible for. The Roscoe P-TECH model ensures our students and encouraged from junior high school through a bachelor degree on the Roscoe Collegiate campuses!


Benchmark 1: School Design The Roscoe Collegiate P-TECH program offers open enrollment and flexible scheduling structures that enable students to combine high school, postsecondary courses and work-based learning, at no cost to participating students.
Benchmark 2: Target PopulationThe Roscoe Collegiate P-TECH program serves students in Grades 6 through 14. The majority of students graduate with an associate's degree from Western Texas College upon completing their high school requirements. Enrollment is open to all students. The RCISD P-TECH program is especially helpful for students who are at risk of dropping out of school as defined by the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and who might not otherwise go to college.
Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliances
Roscoe Collegiate ISD has a number of strategic partnerships with business and industry partners as well as institutes of higher learning. These are formally articulated in writing and clearly define a variety of careers.
Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment The Roscoe Collegiate ISD P-TECH program provides a rigorous course of study that enables participating students to receive a high school diploma, an associate degree from Western Texas College, and at least one industry - recognized certification during Grades 9-14. In collaboration with West Texas A&M University and Western Texas College, students can also receive RCISD support as the pursue a bachelor's degree locally in years 15-16.

Benchmark 5: Work-Based Learning The Roscoe Collegiate P-TECH program offers students a variety of relevant, high - skill work - based learning experiences at every grade level that respond to student interest and regional employer needs and contribute to students earning aligned industry certifications and credentials.

Benchmark 6: Student Support The Roscoe Collegiate P-TECH program provides wrap - around strategies and services involving multiple stakeholders (parents, teachers, counselors, community members, etc.) to strengthen both the academic and technical skills necessary for high school and college readiness. In addition, RCISD provides academic, technical, and individual support for students to be successful in rigorous academic and work - based learning experiences.