About Roscoe Collegiate ISD
An Early College/P-Tech Academy

The Roscoe Collegiate System is a P-20 Systemic Model for 21st Century School Transformation in Texas and the United States. The district is partially supported in this effort by Educate Texas, a public/private partnership established by the Governor’s office to support Early Colleges and STEM Academies, as a P16 college and career readiness initiative within the Texas Public Education System. As a result of the developmental process for The Roscoe Collegiate Model, the district has evolved away from the 20th Century concept of an Independent School District into more of a System Model approach. Currently, members of the Roscoe Collegiate System include the original two-year higher education partners, Western Texas College in Snyder and Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater, as well as the original parent organization for Early College and T-STEM, Educate Texas. Additionally, the district has now added a four-year university partnership with Angelo State University, as well as system partnerships with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, 4H, and the Texas Tech T-STEM Center.

This Systemic Model approach will enable Roscoe Collegiate to better provide students with the resources necessary to engage in a much more globally competitive educational and work force environment, than students heretofore have experienced, upon graduation from high school. It is the goal of Educate Texas for The Roscoe Collegiate Model to become a model that can be replicated by other small and rural schools in Texas interested in 21st Century School Transformation.

  • The goal of the Roscoe Collegiate P-20 System Model for Student Success is to develop a collaborative, sustainable and replicable model for breaking the generational poverty cycle through higher education (EARLY COLLEGE), while supplying critical agricultural STEM workforce shortage areas that will be critical to meeting the daunting challenge of feeding and clothing 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 (STEM ACADEMY).
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